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… Every big city should have an Esther or Vanessa to make you feel special, part of their privileged circuits.
– Marie Claire

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Who are the BCN Fashionistas?

2 long-legged fun-loving chicas

Esther Levy
  • Esther Levy

  • Storyteller
  • I’m a local, a native from Barcelona, although I have gained my experience in between Los Angeles and New York, studying at Parsons and NYU, writing as a NY Fashion Correspondent for Marie Claire and consulting for top European Fashion Labels. I am lucky that my professional background, personality and style (smile and long legs, like Vanessa) make me (too) a social whirl, a people extraordinaire, with an outstanding agenda.
Vanessa Burrows
  • Vanessa Burrows

  • Entrepreneur
  • I was born in France from a Brazilian father and a German mother. I’ve lived in Paris, London, Rome and now I’m an expat in Barcelona, director of a business in fashion & technology and proud BCN Fashionista. I’m also lucky enough to know wonderful people in uptown Barcelona who have a great sense of fashion and that includes my partner in crime, the BCN Fashionista per excellence: Esther Levy!