Bridal week 2018, in Barcelona had a few surprises awaiting for me. Besides the  Pronovias show, like every year, a magical family event, I felt privileged to host Angel Sanchez, the star of this years Bridal shows. Angel and  I became friends during my years as a Correspondent for Marie Claire in New York, as a matter of fact I introduced hime to his life partner the interior designer Christopher Coleman, who also flew in for his debut in Barcelona. 

The re-encounter was  ¨Fun-tastic¨  We lunched at El Nacional and ran an update through all our common friends. I discovered they have teamed up to fashionably design the interiors of many famous restaurants, hotels and celebrity homes in between Miami and New York. A smart venture!

Fortunately despite their success nothing has changed, Angel & Chris are as charming, loving and generous as always.

So much talent! …All good news!! 


Angel invited me to bring 10 friends  to his Bridal show and cocktail party in Barcelona  at Palacio Pedralbes.

And I gathered an amazing group of women who I knew would enjoy the venue, Palacio Pedralbes, a dream like Palace that was opening its doors exclusively for this event and the show, I knew Angel’s talent was going to leave us all open – mouthed. 

Little did we all know how we would end up that night …the night of my Birthday Surprise Celebration!

Among the ¨other¨ VIP guests, I spotted Sassa de Osma the ¨it¨ girl from Peru girlfriend of Christian de Hannover, Manuela Velasco, Macarena Gomez, Helen Lindes, Carla Pereyra, Rafael Amargo … and we all mingled until the pumpkin turned into white Hummer stretch limousine.

Angel’s Bridal 2018 Collection came wrapped in a new fresh feminine flair in powdered tones,  graceful ruffles, blossomy layers and delicate materials, that contrasted with some dramatic black looks leaving the elegant crowd wanting to get married again… and again. 

Every one had a favorite dress, mine was the first one (cover image) …so…What boyfriend?… for that dress?

yes, mine is the first one! Bravo Angel you get better and better with the years!!!

Images by Daniela Von Poshinger-Camphausen, Lorena Giavalisco, Esther Levy and the VIPs in the front row across from us who offered to take a picture of the stretched beauties

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