Barcelona Guide: Eixample Restaurants

Atempo the new bistro restaurant by Jordi Cruz

How can a 4 star Michelin chef have such good taste in food, in women... and when if come to interiors he looses it? Is it because Jordi Cruz (Barcelona's cutest chef) wants us to feel the contrast between his serious work and a casual fun environment? The experience was fun at much less serious prices than Abac, the re[...]

Jardin de Bellavista Messi's new restaurant in Barcelona

Welcome to the town of Bellavista del Jardín del Norte, a concept restaurant that recreates a typical small town we all know and love, where you go get your drinking water from a fountain our listen to jokes in the toilet. A new and exciting setting that sure pleases fashionistas and ¨footballistas,¨ since Messi is one of the partners with the [...]

A new gem to party and dine in Barcelona: La Dama

La Dama is the modernist restaurant where my parents almost celebrated their silver anniversary a few years ago. Since then I never thought of recommending this positively decadent first floor restaurant to my friends & guests ...despite its architecture designed a century ago by Sayrach which is as close as you can get to Gaudi’s style and time. …a[...]

Casa Bonay, a Hotel, an atmosphere full of local talent

I must have walked at least 50 blocks along the Gran Via, between Pza. España and Casa Bonay , a must see hot and happening hotel, in Gran Via 700, the never-ending Avenue. Once you pass Paseo de Gracia, in Gran Via’ s sea side, you will find 3 very different concept hotels, all in a row BcnFashionista recommends: Hop them all! From the past [...]

Gastronomic whims at Antunez, Barcelona

When you head down the narrow street called Neptú, in Gracia, (two blocks away from the recently restored Gala Placidia) and you hit the corner tapas bistro, you will wonder why everyone's talking about Antunez? ¨It's ¨the¨new restaurant/ tapas happening hangout. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner ...and drinks!¨ Judging by the façade and interior[...]

El Nacional is ¨Phenomenal¨!

El Nacional finally opened its doors, but shhhhh, don't say it too loud, not because it might be overbooked, the space and the options are endless, but because running a space of this magnitude cannot be an easy task. Fish? meat? oysters? Tapas? Rice? a table? or by the bar? you choose! El Nacional is located in a beautiful passage called Maria C[...]

Gatsby brings in the party to Barcelona

Tuset is the shortest and most happening street in Barcelona. Its active during the day, lots of offices around and gets wild at night between Bling Bling, Sutton, Giardinetto, Ajoblanco and the new Gatsby, a cabaret/ restaurant, a must if you like to try different places and experiences. I was taken by Custo's Fashion Party opening the space to many well k[...]

Bar Mut never fails

There is only one place in Barcelona I could eat everyday, it’s located in the corner of Diagonal & Pau Claris, right in the center, the food & the wine is infallible, the decor feels authentically old, although its of new generation and the service is always friendly/ cosmopolitan, welcoming. Bar Mut offers the best market food for any mood. Alone? by [...]

Forget the Burger and go for a sophisticated Pepito

It´s been 7 months everyone tells me to try out Pepito Restaurant, located in a beautiful passage (Passatge de Domingo 3, Barcelona) between Valencia and Mallorca Sts. Alex from The Comb Hair Salon insisted we lunched there after my girlfriend Tania tried out his fabulous Beverly Hills style Keratin Treatment. We were both surprised by the discovery, th[...]