Barcelona Guide: Relax

Sitges Barcelona a Mediterranean gem

By car or by train just a twenty minute hop south of Barcelona, and like all gay places BEAUTIFUL! An Ibiza in miniature, with its historical sites in the center, pretty (and nude) beaches, great boutiques (open on sundays!!!!) and original nightspots like Pacha. Sitges is also known for its worldwide known Film festival and Carnaval. They also call i[...]

Sweet treat with the Feet

Ever tried an Ashiatsu Barefoot massage? It's amazing how two feet, two bars and the body weight of an experienced practitioner can feel like the deepest, most luxurious back massage on the Planet. “Ashi” in Japanese means “foot” and “Atsu” means “pressure”, so together they translate into “foot pressure”. This foot pressure massage was created 20 years a[...]

Barcelona's best kept beauty secrets

Do you want to discover the best kept beauty secrets of the models and Barcelona’s Top make up artists? Take note… Xhekpon, Proteoglicanos… Who came up with those names? What do they mean? They are beauty products from different laboratories in Barcelona only sold in pharmacies, cheap an extremely effective. Don´t leave town without them! They are great sou[...]