Barcelona Guide: Sant Gervasi

Let your eyelashes fly!

Finally in Barcelona a salon specialized in eyelashes and brows - THE EYELASH ATELIER because as Gustavo Adolfo Béquer said ¨The soul that can speak through the eyes can also kiss with a gaze¨ Taking good care of the shape of our eyelashes and eyebrows can bring light and beauty to the face. BcnFashionista invites you to a free consultation at this inno[...]

Our latest discovery: Isabel de Pedro

A white gallery space with checkered floors highlights the curvy (mainly black) silhouettes of the latest provocative collection of Isabel de Pedro. If you are tall and slim, like the designer, or us :) try it all on and enjoy. If you’re not, ask for your size and empower the Goddess within you. BCN Fashionista picks a red sexy fitted dresses from her n[...]

QK Barcelona: mixing & matching style!

Why QK? QK is pronounced in Spanish Cuca, a nickname for Cristina Balcells the talent behind this eclectic, ethnic, concept store that masters the art of selecting, mixing & matching trendy and stylish garments by Balmain’ s Missoni’s …Lio de Faldas, her own private label. Bloggers, fashionistas and socialites live for this multi [...]

Message T shirts at Jofré

¨Anything Boys can do Girls can do better¨ Thumbs up! ...and the back should say ¨I can do better, you can do more!¨ ... Markus Lupfer is renowned for his witty playful pieces loved by teenagers to grown ups who smile and feel good in it... almost anywhere! Jofré can't do better! Vuitton, Dior, Hermes, ... most of the luxury labels have recently left[...]