Everyone’s talking about the new Japanese restaurant that recently opened in the uptown area of Turó Park (Sarria/ San Gervasi) – 99 Sushi Bar Barcelona, a successful concept imported from Madrid.


I now understand why. It´s all about colors, textures, techniques and different cuts of  first class raw materials and location!

I’d eat there every day… well, if I could I definitely would!


The space is beautifully decorated, the food ‘s exciting and well served. it’s family friendly and romantic too.
Victor Serrano, the Director, helped us decide among the wide selection of sushis, sashimis, tempuras and other cooked dishes that looked, tasted, felt so special that I will surely return to indulge more of his yummy suggestions.


Among the succulent dishes passing by, I spotted many celebrities, mainly athletes ( yes Barca players too,) makes sense, since Japanese food is light enough to sport the day …or the night!

BcnFashionista recommends

gambas-asadas-del-koy-shunkathe tiger prawns, foie in teriyaki sauce, black cod, chicken with truffle sauce and any wagyu combination, whether its cooked nigiri or daiquiri ;)… just rhyming! …after all it’s a bar too!



99 Sushi Bar Barcelona  …. Best new Japanese restaurant in Barcelona

Tenor Viñas, 4

Tel. 93 639 62 17


Average price 60 Euros



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