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Red, bitter and intense define the DNA of Campari and now sparkling too, when you add Tonic to it,… and then realize this might be your drink for the summer.


It also defines my mood at Casa Campari where I bumped into cool friends, like Agustin from Hong Kong Blues
Thanks for sharing!


We were all there to enjoy the refreshing Summer Campaign of Casa Campari promoting the new blend Campari & Tonic and the new trend they are trying to import from Italy- the afterwork drink. To make the experience even more joyful they selected 5 Top private homes in Barcelona to celebrate 5 events, Italian Design …and red the color of energy, passion and action.

So far, we’ve enjoyed two wonderful events, one in Muntaner and recently in Porta Ferrisa. Let’s see the other 3!
We already know when:
July 17, and
September 4 & 25
We now need to find out tips where the next ones will be held. Find out in Facebook #casacampari

…and now for gossip…

this is love

I met at the Campari Event with Blasi, a Spanish friend who lives in Los Angeles, who I adore, …and after a toast,.. or two, she told me all about the latest treatment in LA with oxytocin, a hormone that is naturally made in the body and is involved in sex, sexual attraction, trust and confidence.
This hormone is released into the blood during pregnancy, helping mother and baby bond. Promoting fidelity,
…and now men are being treated or cheated by desperate wives -who throw a potion of this hormone, now in pills! uauuuuu! – to keep their loved ones cuddling at home
… sorry it doesn’t work on singles! says The Journal of Neuroscience.
I wonder if mixed in with Campari, for ex, if it can create a counter effect!

Until Carmen, Blasi, Mark and I got hungry and walked close down into Las Ramblas to Carrer Unió and tried luck at Cañete.Mmmm yummy Tapas at Cañete!


No luck at the Tapas Bar, but yes next door, at Cañete Mantel where we enjoyed some more laughs and surprising dishes.



Ended up at a party where I bumped into… my partner Vanessa and Verena!
..and together we shook it up!
Damned, why don’t we have pictures of then?

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