img_9436I was counting the days for Swab 2016 opening, my favorite Art Fair in Barcelona,  an International fair that supports emergent art in the creation field, making the initiation easier through the participation of young artists with affordable works . It takes  place in an industrial space by the fountains in Montjuic, where ideas, trends, shapes, looks, words… bring a fresh pleasure to art and fashion surrounded by amazing views of Barcelona!


on cloud9 at Metric. Swab Barcelona 2016.

Images above Panoramic and Portrait: by Mila Michel

img_9368Above Liu Dao art collective based in Shanghai, all creative tech geeks. Love them all! I could live with one original for the asking price of 4,000 euros …? or would you like it more if it was 40.000?

The idea is that it is available to all of us, not unattainable  to most of us!

Joaquin Diez-Cascon, architect, art collector and Swab founder, believes in breaking the elitist and hermetic idea that often surrounds the contemporary art scene, making it more accessible to the citizens.



above: Samuel Salcedoimg_9354

above: Alejandro Monge

Swab creates opportunities for galleries, artists and commissaries …and for ¨the availables¨ to mingle with cool, artsy Italians, Greeks, Colombians, Swiss, Portuguese, Argentinians, Chinese Japanese, Russians …and Spanish, among the wide selection of countries participating


a performance that reminds of Marina  Abramovic’s presence at the MOMA

Don’t miss it…free beer…yet nothing is free!

img_9379not even Smart Bob Sponge by Emilio Garcia


Open until Sunday 2 of October, 2016 @ PAVELLÓN ITALIANO MONTJUIC. FERIA BARCELONA (in front of Font Màgica de Montjuic)

Entrance: 12 euros ticket or….charm an artist, gallerist or art collector to invite you!

…Next date @ SoHo House Barcelona, artsy members only, opening this upcoming month!

Cutting edge Contemporary Art at Swab



ART and ARS Gallery. Galatina

arte periférica. Lisbon

a-space gallery. Switzerland

Galleria Giovanni Bonelli. Milano

ena contemporary Art Gallery. Athens

3 Punts Galería. Barcelona

N2 Galería. Barcelona

Galeria Trama. Barcelona

Galería Victor Lope. Barcelona

Gallery 1000a. Gurgaon

Gallery Irritum. Daegu

Galería + Arte Contermporáneo. Bogotá

Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando. Madrid

Galería SGR. Bogotá

Island 6. Shanghai

JPS. HongKong

La Fiambrera. Madrid

Pantocrátor Gallery. Suzhou

Pabellón 4. Buenos Aires

Progettoarte Elm. Milano

Kaplanon. Athens

Krokin Gallery. Moscou

Rocio Santa Cruz. Barcelona

Savina Gallery. St. Petersburg

Sun Art Gallery. Tokyo

Trema Arte Contemporanea. Lisbone


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