¨Eccentric Fashion Night¨ girls only said Anna’s Birthday invitation, followed by all sorts of inspiring images to reassure that her beautiful girlfriends, from business school, would make an effort to dress up in extreme eclectic looks. ¨Eclectic? Eccentric? what do you mean? Like Victoria Secret angels?¨ asked one of the  girlfriends who is  a stockbroker, in the lively chat.
From that moment on I knew this party was going to be different, a fashion naif party with smart non fashionistas,  Love it!

They all did their homework and googled  for more ideas. Some found inspiration in many of my fashion style gurus, like Elsa Schiaparelli, Iris Apfel, Diana Vreeland, and fashion clowns like Anna Piaggi or Betsey Johnson …and of course, the Generation X role model that everyone knew as Carrie from Sex & the City -Sarah Jessica Parker, who found her eccentricity through the mix & matches of my wild stylist, designer- store owner and friend, Patricia Fields

The all looked beautiful!!!

I thought I played with some advantage (after all I got a Masters in Costume Studies at the Metropolitan Museum , NY ) ,  yet there were oscar winning costumes on the red carpet.  Anna looked astonishing with her wild home made crab headdress in the latest (Pantone 2017) green…Bravo!!!! you are a pro  in both worlds!!! finance & fashion the PERFECT mix & match!

So I mixed in a blend of Victoria Secret with Schiaparelli, Apfel …Patricia Fields and je ne said quoi

Eclectic: not following any one system, as of fashion, beauty or style, but selecting and using what you consider the most interesting wild elements in your closet… and mixing them up….and having fun!

Thank you Anna for a magical evening with the magic of MAG LINI who performed original and fun tricks designed for girls only 😉

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