I am a big fan of Elena Estaun. I first met Elena at a Halloween Party, she stood out  from the crowd of freaky fashionistas with her sexy transgressive  look: fingerless mesh gloves, aviator glasses, a top hat, ballerina mesh skirt, rough boots and a fabulous T bone necklace.  Try mixing  steampunk, MadMax  British neo- Victorian,  American ¨Wild West and post apocalyptic future- That’s Elena Estaun’s  winning formula.

The connection was instant.  I realized she was  beautiful inside out, fun, cosmopolitan and a very talented jewelry designer. Later on, after some drinks and laughs, besides same interests, we also shared common experiences faces and places. We both studied at Parsons school of design in New York and same Burning man friends. I then understood  how these influences have definitely marked her conceptual designs,  inspired by fossils, art, chains … even nuts, like we all go when no rules apply… in a dessert in Nevada.. or a jungle like New York

Elena Estaun has definitely broken the mold in jewelry design, her designs look big & heavy metal pieces yet  weight less than feathers, providing a  transgressive identity, where the industrial, urban and ethnic influences define a new concept of sexy elegance.

Thumbs up ..in mesh wrists


BcnFashionista recommends: Her big horn earrings in dark metal or gold are a MUST

and the new mesh bikini worn by Shakira , (another huge fan!!!!) also a MUST  if you are already in a bikini state of mind






Phone: +34 93 200 64 81


Ferran Agullò, 1

08017 Barcelona, Spain




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