The most talked about restaurant in 2017 has ¨opened¨ it’s doors in Barcelona – Enigma Concept by Albert Adria ( brother of Ferran Adria ) finally started sending passwords to their long line of VIPs who awaited over an year to experience the ultimate gastronomical lab performance  .

..and how do you get in? It’s an Enigma, because even the e-mail address in their website comes back returned.

Enigma wants to know more about you before you’re ¨in¨

I have bragged about my deluxe concierge services to find my way in but have not yet receive a response.

But I ask and keep hearing comments like …once you are in you are sent a password code that is necessary to unlock the mysterious entrance door.

I also know that the space is designed by my friends – RCR Architects from Olot, (Girona, North of Barcelona) who have designed other gastronomical experiences like  Pabellones les Colls, a must for those who love deluxe nature experiences.

The style of these worldwide architects is known for the use of transparencies , a space that might at first appear cold and mysterious, full of see through crystal curtains yet invites you to observe yourself as part of the design, as part of nature.

The service is suppose to be perfect! There is at least one employee per guest

An adventurous and exciting menu is served with original drinks that help you travel in a culinary world of senses.

The dishes are extremely creative, with sexy ingredients cooked and presented in beautiful ways, creations by Roos van de Velde , ceramics from Carme Balada and Luesma & Vega (you will want to take them home to be reminded of the experience.)

There is also a guessing game played to be aware of the ingredients you taste offering the guests a chance to be more present and aware of the flavors and different textures

The  friends that have been lucky to experience ENIGMA don’t want to spoil the enigmatic experience with details, I wonder if I could keep the secret.

Don’t go crazy looking for the telephone number to make reservations it is unlisted …In  order to be invited, if you are lucky, you must share your info on website and wait to be contacted.

this is a step further from the trendy clandestine spaces

…looks like something very cool is cooking in Barcelona


Enigma restaurant. Sepúlveda 38, Barcelona. Menú: 222 euros.


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