If you would like to skip lines pay only 4 euros and enter one of Barcelona’s highlights in Modernist architecture and, for the same price, enjoy an exhibition of one of the leading figures in the contemporary Catalan art scene, your wish is granted- until July 16th, 2017 at Gaudi’s masterpiece La Pedrera.

Now viewing a contemporary reinterpretation of modern architecture Zoetrope by Frederic Amat

An artist whose work defies a single form of categorization… Discover a creative multidisciplinary mind that can think, integrate and express  multiple artistic languages in his art, whether its landscape interventions,  architectural spaces, combining painting, sculpture and ceramics,  Frederic Amat‘s exhibit at La Pedrera will blow your mind.


At Zoetrope You will see graphic patterns projected on moving walls inspired by the wavy balconies and other erotic, playful shapes  showing  a plural direction to art,  from a canvas to film, from pottery to a building facade, like the ¨wall of eyes¨ at the OhLa Hotel on Via Layetana, Barcelona.

Amat’s work has been exhibited and published all around the world.
…no wonder!




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