Oh Malaga Malaga!

Don’t ask me why

Malaga is cool! There is a joie de vivre that meets in between Paris and Morocco, as a result the people are cultured, artistic and warm.

I like Malaga, one of the oldest cities in the world, full of inspiring surprises.

Mine started at the Grand Miramar Hotel that recently opened its doors, close to the center, infront of Malaga’s beach, Operated by Santos, a Spanish chain that reconverted what was once a king’s Palace, (during the Civil War a Hospital , later the Palace of Justice and today, after a long renovation decade, it’s same walls have) turned into the awaited Grand Luxury Hotel Miramar.

Great place to stay, by the way. You can walk anywhere!

At 9:30 pm after a dry martini in the roof bar

I walked  in my dolce vita heels, black dress, pearls and matching Pamela hat across the street from the Real Club Mediterraneo, where my friend Marina was throwing a glamorous Dolce vita themed party.

A fabulous club for members and friends only.

Yes, and I was there living la Dolce Vita a lo joie de vivre … knowing my suite was right across the road!

I have my story with Malaga.

I love Pablo Picasso, Ibn Gabirol and stretching it … Antonio Banderas , all born in Malaga, but there is more to it.

My father and his 10 sisters were born in Melilla , a province of Malaga

…and by chance my daughter was also born in Malaga, this southern this historical town, located an hour drive from Gibraltar or Ronda airport base from glamorous Marbella, a 30 min ferry to Tanger or over an hour drive to hippy chic Tarifa

There is even more to it. The Doctor, that gave birth to my grandmothers eleven children, was the grandfather of the Doctor that my daughter into this world, half a century later!.

What are the chances ?

Yes, that’s what I discovered eleven years ago in the delivery room of Hospital Galvez . That’s what happens when you have a rare last name in Spain.

My Doctor. Miguel Galvez discovered our last name going through his grandfather’s files, in the request process of his beatification as a devoted faithful, respectful Doctor, and founder of Hospital Galvez. I signed his request.

That’s a story! Do you believe in coincidences?

And then came jet set Marbella where I visited friends and dinned at an updated Puente Romano. Ole Marbella!





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