Going through what I lived in my adolescence and what  is about to happen to my 12 year old  daughter, all in one hour, seated next to my friend and mother of the bright writer & director Sarah Lena (who’s only 22,) was deeper than any rollercoaster steep . Truly.

¨Mama¨ is a brilliant play performed by three actresses waking up from their adolescence ¨ If women give birth too human beings , God is a woman, and you gave birth to me, right?¨ a deep reflection about a mother’s unconditional love,  with a fabulous message that reminds us of the Goddess within us, how important it is to love yourself just like a ¨mama¨ would.

From teddy bears to pantyhose , from the sweet sound of the music box to the power of stilettos, from roller skates to I’m sexy and you know it . Sweet and sour spoken through words, music, dance, tears and laughs! …that’s Sarah’s life!

Hormonal emotions at its pure state. As fresh as their skin, as smooth as their hands, arms and legs. Fragile as their alcoholic flirty escapades, wondering why love isn’t like mama.

Stand up performance Ariadna de Vilar, Aina Blanch, Nuria Mercader ! Right on! Sarah Lena,  if you’re here at twenty-two I wonder where you will be tomorrow.

Great job mama!


Parents. Adolescents.You can’t miss it!  Now playing  at La Seca Espai Brossa  in Borne, Barcelona.

Mama will be playing in Madrid from January till March, 2018.

Check in for dates and location  Mama Production and La Seca Espai Brossa

I wonder how this play has affected the relationship between these actresses and director and their moms, a post talk would answer so many questions yet it would never end.



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