The Alàbriga Hotel Home Suites opened right on time for us to begin the Summer 2017 celebrity style. Close from home, Barcelona, yet closer to heaven or at least to the sun  (like its Phoenician origin and ¨difficult to remember name¨ –Alàbriga)

Alàbriga is also the name of the building that was located in the 60s in the same idyllic cliff in S’agaró, where Charles Chaplin, Orson Welles, Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner, Bogart and Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Sellers, Sean Connery …to name a few celebrities found peace and inspiration, by this romantic side of the Mediterranean seacoast, Costa Brava, Spain.

I had read lots about this ambitious project designed by the famous half iranian half Mallorquin architect Aryanour Djalali and produced with Russian and German capital, an investment of 30 million Euros! …from two sole promoters Valeri Scherer and Sergei Russov, the founders of the 30 Rooms and Home Suites everyone’s talking about!

The finance newspapers predicted the investment would not be profitable unless the suites (140 m2 average) were sold for at least 1.200 Euros per night.

…Yes, Thank God Dad paid for it!

The question was … would this privileged experience drive many ¨Dads¨ to this part of the coast? What type of clientele will it attract?

Our residential suite was spacious, domotic, and it included a butler, ours was Arthur (Arturo) and we adored him. Arturo brought us healthy cocktails, boogied us to the beach, organized us picnics by the shore, made reservations and filled our refrigerator when we decided to party in the room.

Alàbriga also enjoys three restaurants, Terra, Garden and Sea Club directed by 5 michelin star chef –Paco Perez. Also a Wellness Center… a helicopter and yacht to sunbathe in the neighbor shores, …now we are talking!

Set along the most romantic path of the Costa Brava, Cami de Ronda, a breathtaking walk built along the rocky shore, shaded by the respected pine trees. The Cami allows you to walk the shores from one town to another, overviewing the beach of St Pol, La Conca, San Feliu de Guixols where over 100 of the most luxury homes in Spain overview the precious coastline, including The Baroness von Thyssen Bornemisza, who was the first to unveil this catalan gem.

Hotel Alàbriga is the sort of 5 star Grand Luxe Hotel where you can meet other guests from all over the world with whom you can exchange other idyllic hot new spots to keep on dreaming.

Alàbriga Hotel & Home Suites
Carretera de Sant Pol, 633
17220 Sant Feliu de Guíxols
Girona (Spain)

+34 872 200 600

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