Joaquin Cortes got under everyone’s skin last night at his premiere in Barcelona, the chosen city to begin his tour ¨Esencia¨ (Essence)

The ¨Universal Gypsy¨ surely knows how to design a show, from beginning to end- passion, skin, sweat and lots of clapping in between. He demands most of the applauses …¨Come on, I’m not a machine¨ he claimed and reclaimed with his sexy smile, while a woman screamed ¨You’r better than God

Truth is his essence is omnipotent during half of the show, he measures well his appearances, he doesn’t overdo himself, when he’s not on stage the singing and dancing numbers are exquisite as well.

The show is beautifully casted, 30 distinguished dancers, gorgeous singers and stunning musicians playing and dancing flamenco with an oriental twist.

¨We come from India¨ Joaquin said, while he questioned the origins of the gypsies, … indian or not, without a doubt, he’s the most refined of them all!

Joaquin is still sexy, after 4 decades of success, despite his new extra weight.

Today, the naked torso, that stole Naomi Campbell’s heart in the past, looks best in a black sweaty tailored shirt. (Yes, Cortes has a tummy but it will melt away by the time he makes it to New York…so don’t worry)

Next in Madrid June, 8 – 25, 2017, followed by New York, Tokio, Moscu and Kazajstan

BcnFashionista loved: Joaquin dancing two roles the bull & the bullfighter with his unique rhythmical heel knock, elegant trembling, sexy wet hair bangs and that enfant terrible smile that has seduced top universal models…and me.

And the mermaid number! A dozen perfect mermaids half dressed, top less (same size breasts) and in the most luxurious Armani tails dancing flamenco only with their arms …amazing! …and your talking to a graduate from the Mermaid Academy in Tarragona!

Need more to convince you?


The last time I saw Joaquin perform was over 15 years ago in New York, New Yorkers loved him, back then I was working with Marie Claire , backstage I met with Peta Wilson (La Femme Nikita) and together we left off with Joaquin in a limo to Armani’s party …Oh those fabulous times!

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