The Party of the Year: El Circulo del Liceo, celebrated recently, a Masquerade Party to capture young members (and help resuscitate one of the most beautiful Opera House in the world)
It was a sure success
I knew it!
I was invited


…but a meter of snow in the mountains around Barcelona and a long weekend (carnaval Monday off) made me decline the generous invitation to the Ball.

mascara liceo

In 1848, the newspaper La Vanguardia said ¨in the last masquerade party at el Liceo an incident occurred, motivated by a woman finding her husband with another masquerade¨

Well, now it’s year 2015, and the Masquerde Party coincides with the opening night of 50 shades of Grey , so here is the result!

Love it! El Liceo, such a serious institution,… becomes the Eyes Wide Shut dream of the young hip members…
or Mr Grey’s submissive fantasy room.
El salon de los espejos





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