We have a WhatsApp group chat called ¨Lunch @ Massimo¨ our new hang out restaurant, ideal for friends who want to meet and stretch their lunch and yet be close to the school area to pick up the kids around 4:30 -5:00,… usually.

At Massimo we usually meet on Fridays. We are 5 cool moms and a free girlfriend, a Goddess whose adventures provoke sparkles, questions, suggestions, cheers to the table.

Today we had to bring in a good question for the free Goddess to ask her next upcoming date.

¨Who’s your favorite person?¨ Surprise him with a question like this¨ I said and repeated addressing the table
¨Who’s your favorite person? …
think twice
…there is an answer…
and the answer is…

Who else but YOU can be your favorite person? and if you decide it’s some one else, a personality or relative…. Go analyze it!¨
… and don’t worry, be happy… at Massimo, you may join us, still working on being our favorites!

Massimo offers a daily menú for 19 Euros which includes an appetizer, entree and a dessert and then there’s a wonderful selection of italian dishes a la carte

BcnFashionista picks:

the terrace in the back and …why not continue together with the kids by the park …with another bottle of wine!

Massimo Restaurante
Address: Via Augusta, 217, Barcelona
Phone:+34 934 54 81 46

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