The mix and match deluxe trend goes beyond fashion. It looks like financiers want to get fashionable and fashionistas want to get financed, so blending the two lately works wonders!

Here are 3 plans that will make you go mix and match deluxe

The London chain of hotels Soho House spotted the trend a dozen years ago  and to reassure an overflow of beauties, in their  ¨members only club,¨ they only accept people in the creative industries: celebrities, models, photographers designers, artists, influencers, … a good reason to make it even more appealing to financiers, who are eager to mingle, at any cost, with the beautiful fashionistas.

Soho House recently opened in Barcelona, however, they seem to have turned a blind eye by allowing all my banker, broker, capitalist, entrepreneur friends to become members at aprox 1.500 euro annual membership, ….guess most fashionistas prefer to be invited!

A bird told me there are more men than women members, that is because most couples have agreed (not sure why.. besides saving money) that ¨he¨will be the member. The excuse, to take in business clients for lunch and ¨she¨ can come along as his guest for dinners with friends. Hmmm … Dear girlfriends…Cecconi´s street level restaurant is new and great too and open to the public so you can mix and match deluxe too


¨People from Ibiza¨ is the slogan for the island that has hosted the most beautiful people in the world attracting, today, the world’s billionaire A list: oligarchs, sheiks, silicon innovators and wall street moguls in search of glamorous holidays. La Granja is the place to stay and Lio the place to mix and mingle.


Burning man since 1986 has been building an yearly  pop up town for hippies and artists to unburden for 7 days in the middle of a desert in Black Rock, Nevada,  yet lately this annual event has gained interest among the Top Forbes list, who fly in their private planes (with their personal Chefs and Doctors)  and in a comfortable luxurious style  survive the 24 hour ¨mad max¨party,  where fashion plays a very important role, as extreme as the weather… because they too want to let  off some steam!

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