Be the first to know that Barcelona will host the first theme park of entertainment and sports innovation in the world: the Montjuic Open Camp Barcelona.

OPEN CAMP: The new Sports/ Technology Lab Concept Park will open it’s doors to all sports lovers in the Olympic ring of Montjuic, Barcelona next 16th of June 2016.

It looks like it will be the Eurodisney of sports, but instead of waiting in line to take a picture with Mickey Mouse you can actually stride next to Usain Bolt , or feel like Mario Götze on field, …although you’ll get more cheers playing with Messi or Neymar for F.C. Barcelona.

Practice any Olympic sport with your favorite athletic idols!

messi and kid

Open Camp Barcelona Montjuic 2015

Be a star at the Montjuic Open Camp Barcelona. Get a medal… and enjoy the ceremony as well!


All activities will savor the latest technologies …filmed and recorded with hawk eyes, drones, 3·D simulators, you can even call a goal score and take the experience and visualize it at home. Sounds like fun?

Tickets will cost from 12 to 45 euros including the oficial T shirt of the team you want to represent.
Plans on opening 230 days of the year and gather 7.000 visitors daily…..imagine that’s 7.000 cheers of excitement! 500 new jobs!

Already the best sports brands have signed in to exhibit their latest sportswear designs in the park
That sounds like a FUNtasticfamily plan!

In the meantime you know you can count on bcnfashionista, here to organize the coolest family plans in Barcelona. Fun for all!!

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