Loved the experience at Pink Peony Manicure in Barcelona on Passeig de Gracia. A bunch of mums from Oak House School organised meeting there as the pre-mum’s night out venue. As we all got our nails done, the one big room filled with cheers and laughter, and this is where I spotted the first pair of ASH boots.

Most nail colours chosen by the girls were in the darker tones: I saw funky blue, greens, purples and just one classic red. None got the French manicure like me – and in fact I decided there and then this was the last time I got French. As for Summer 2013 THE ONE nail colour to wear in Barcelona is Peppermint green. So there you go.


I can report that all our nails were fantastically well done so the place comes highly recommended not just for the ambience but also the quality and price (17 euros a manicure). The Pink Peony Manicure Barcelona is extremely popular (and they also do stylish private events) so book well in advance.

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