The trend is unstoppable, the Oxford Dictionary already found a name for this phenomena: SELFIE, “A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.” Some journalists, psychiatrists, investigators of the internet social addictions consider it is a narcissistic, exhibitionist movement that cries desperately the need of being SEEN, they go as far as stating that the world is left as an insignificant subject, a simple decoration.

Uuuuau! why do they think so much? We believe it’s a fun way to capture those amazing spontaneous moments, to be reminded of stories like this one, taken in the Murmuri bar after lunching with two more girlfriends at Jaime Beristain (with Keith Richards and a beautiful young brunette of blue eyes seating besides us,) after visiting the most beautiful garden we have ever seen in the ensanche, the garden that will belong to a new luxury hotel to be opened in 2015 in the best block of Barcelona with views to La Pedrera… shhh
we’ ll keep you informed, it is still a well kept secret..

And before stopping by a smoky apartment with views to La Casa de las Punchas (also known as Casa Terrades), where we met with a fun cosmopolitan group and made plans to have dinner at Speak Easy, the first clandestine restaurant in Barcelona, located behind the kitchens of the Dry Martini Bar, where we shared delicious market food topped with cool vodkatinis, adding sparkle to our eyes.

As a coolhunter, can you predict any future trends coming from this Selfie movement?

Yes, i can envision…
• the “selfiemoticon”, a personalized emoticon made with a cartoon of us in different moods
• Coolhunters will become “nethunters” because someone needs to hunt, spot and filter all this information, ideas, follow all these leaders of opinion.
• When the google glasses appear among the streetstylers …watch your step…stilettos will not be in
• Selfies only face pose, I can see the “Posies” as the new silhouettes with body language. Like these ones.


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