Treat yourself like I celebrity. Learn the Art of Living at Sha Wellness Clinic, located in between Valencia and Alicante, in a charming town called Albir. 

It used to be enough to feel 15 minutes of fame, but now that we tasted it (for a few decades already) we all want more!

We want to experience wellness treatments too, we want a slice of that heaven,  Just like celebrities and jet setters  do!

So off I went to fulfill my whimsical wish. I treated myself to a 4 day program at SHA Wellness Clinic. I needed to disconnect  find harmony, health and beauty!

SHA is ideal for those who want to change their habits, go on detox, diet, rejuvenate, recuperate or simply energize, relax and enjoy the wonderful weather & breath taking views.


(views of Benidorm from my balcony)



Imagine enjoying a big suite that feels like a private spa, with your own private balcony, with views to the sea and  mountains, with comfortable chaise longues to enjoy the glimmering sun that shines almost all year long ,


img_1646or even better, …

Imagine having the privilege of owning one of the new SHA Residences blending in perfectly with the different areas of SHA Wellness Clinic and inviting your family or friends to a relaxing open plan environment.


Imagine walking all day in a robe and slippers, which are allowed everywhere on site (except for dinners at the restaurant, when a casual-dress code is required)

Imagine enjoying gourmet healthy food based on macrobiotic principals fused with a Mediterranean touch, cooked in many different methods by top chefs  and having the privilege (if you don’t want to take your pajamas off)  to order-in.

Imagine having a qualified, professional and warm medical team at your disposal, which is made up of the best specialists in western medicine and natural therapies.

Imagine what it feels to have a team of 300 people, from many different countries, that have been chosen for their professionalism and their humanness, waiting to take care of you.

… and imagine  how many different sorts of visitors you can meet  in this serene and composed healthy ambiance.



It’s a must to stay on Full Board, the food is the best part of the experience.

Javier Diaz  and Andres Morant, the two chefs,  introduce healthy eating habits into the lifestyle of the guests.

Two menus are offered: Bio-Light and SHA,  both follow the principles of Macrobiotics with carefully chosen seasonal ingredients, adapting to the modern way of life and the specific needs of each person, without loosing the glam of haute cuisine.

The mystery of the different intriguing tastes accompanied by the enigmatic guests, whispering  over the delicate tune of the piano man or duet, made it a delightful healing, healthy and very tasty experience.



On my way to my appointment with my agenda planner, in a robe and slippers, I exchanged looks with my favorite designer on his way to some treatment. He was there with his good looking husband. At the restaurant, our tables where side to side, though we chose different shifts. When they got up, I was usually savoring my starter (in 30 bites per fork as told by nutritionist) …Counting, I missed the opportunity to tell my fashion guru how much J’adore his work.

I met guests from all over the world, Russia, Middle East, Mexico, Italy, England, India, France, the States, and from different parts of Spain, of course.

Observing guests felt just like watching Sorrentino’s film ¨Youth¨ -with Michael Cane and Harvey Keitel- yet with a surprisingly younger crowd, the average was 50 (between 30 and 70)

I also spotted ¨Donnatella,¨ look alike, I still don’t know her name but she was a real Italian prima donna – She flaunted her furs from the room to the restaurant and from the restaurant to the room. She definitely prefers furs to bathrobes! Donatella was accompanied by a younger man, let’s call him Ugo. They congratulated the handsome chef for all the italian flourless dishes like the gnocchi and the tiramisu.

I did exchange *two words with ¨Annie & Dave,¨ a French couple that looked like one of my favorite bands- Eurythmics.

*My two words were: -¨Sweet dreams…,¨ to which she replied in tone …¨are made of this!¨

Madame Annie Lennox felt some delays on her treatments and I remember thinking the opposite –all treatments scheduled were sharp on time… but, –who am I to disagree!

Nobody missed the handsome tall and sporty Nicola. To this day I still don’t know if he’s a famous sports player, a stressed young entrepreneur or a charming  enfant terrible because he left a day after my arrival. People come and go… that’s what makes it exciting.

A  mother and her daughter ¨Vanessa and Natacha,¨ from Russia practiced their spanish with their waiter  -¨Bring out the chef,¨ said the mother in a demanding tone to the waiter to ( who spoke at least 5 languages) after testing the delicious dessert – ¨We want to know how the chef made this amazing chocolate ganache!

It became obvious they want to open their own health food restaurant somewhere else…they were addressed to take a course in the SHA Cooking Academy, which I took and totally recommend!

BcnFashionista recommends:

Any suite they are all marvelous, you do not spend that much time in your room anyway.
I picked the shortest plan SHA DISCOVERY which includes:

a/ 4 days -Full board

b/  Top Treatments ( I recommend Face: Indiba, BDR, Body: subaquatic massage, slimming wrap, detox massage, relaxing massage Digestion: Colon hydro therapy and cooking lessons) 

c/ Common Activities– Yoga, Pilates, Aqua aerobics,  Mindfulness, Excursions  to El Faro or to the beach.

d/ Personal Training session.

 e/ Two Doctor Consultations: General &  Nutritionist

Discover the latest techniques in Healthy aging,  capillary hair transplants, anti smoking medicine, stem cell therapy  sleep deprivation therapies, dentistry, and all the natural medicinal therapies you can imagine.

Other Programs Loose weight, Detox , Fitness plans, Anti Stress, Recovery- Post Interventions, Anti-tabaco, Rejuvenate, Sleep Better. SHA suggests 28 day stay for a Full Reset

SHA Wellness Clinic offers the 4-day Discovery Program  from €1,100 per person, including all meals, consultations and treatments. Deluxe room suites start from €340  per night. For more information visit their website or call +34 966 811 199.

From Barcelona it takes  5 hrs to drive to Alicante, or 1 hr by plane. From Alicante airport it takes 50 minutes by car to Albir  (80 Euros to SHA Wellness Clinic or SHA Car service 150 Euros per ride)



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