The story of Rooftop Smokehouse is worth sharing, it’s inspiring and encouraging, specially in these unkind times where only those who are perseverant and smile at all times survive this never ending recession.

It started out like all good things, a baby girl was born and tons of friends came to join the proud parents and celebrate the birth in a charming rooftop in San Antoni Barcelona.

To entertain their guests they experimented smoking and fermenting seasonal products with an empty wine barrel. As a result the best homemade pastrami, bacon, duck, mackerel, chutneys, pickles and mustards …and they served them with plenty of booze … while the baby was asleep.

The daily party ended when the unhappy neighbors followed the smell of the burning oak and forced them to leave their unofficial set up.

The hosting stars of the story: Carla Rodamilans, a Spanish fashion designer and Buster Turner an English photographer (and caretaker of the children of Top London chefs Fergus & Margot Henderson).

While Carla & Buster searched for the perfect job, in Barcelona, Carla took cooking lessons at Hofmann and Buster gave bicycle tours around Barcelona.

It all fell into place when they met with third partner Jakob Zeller, an Italian cook , together they found the perfect space at Fabrica Lehmann and converted the old red brick smoke stack from the 1850s into the official Rooftop Smokehouse.


Today the 3 smoketeers produce the best smoked, fermented, pickled, cured products for the Top Spanish chefs and also organize eventual dinners in their new headquarters, an interesting shared space where other ¨designers¨ have their studio.

So, get on the waiting list now

George Clooney and his wife Amal where recently spotted at the new Rooftop Smokehouse sharing laughs, booze and smoked goodies with friends and other table guests

…you could be next


Address: Consell de cent 159 local b,


For reservations call: +34 639 31 06 71


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