On top of the Museum of History of Catalonia overviewing Marina Port Vell, Barcelona’s most luxurious yacht harbor, there is a restaurant run by Sagardi called 1881, set up around an unbelievable outdoor terrace.






The place has potential the skyline of Barcelona makes the perfect set up for a romantic dinner, except we were 3 girls.
Maria who brought Bibiana her friend and teacher at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona and I … and we were enough to have a ball!


The service was friendly although not trendy… if you know what I mean, and the food Mediterranean style, blent in well with the location and conversation- black calamari rice and grilled seabass.

…and Maria? Maria Colucelli is my artist friend who I met on a plane to London. She is FUNtastic and BeautiFULL… and then many coincidences followed…and we have kept on surprising each other with new places…and faces! Her latest recommendations were Meneghina for pasta (Tiradors 2, Borne, Barcelona) and Artte for cabaret show dinners (Muntaner 83, Eixample, Barcelona)

Maria restored and painted the MEAM Museum among the many palaces she has rescued with her amazing art and color sensibility. …and here she is making faces!



Address: Plaça de Pau Vila, 3, Barcelona
Contact:902 52 05 22

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