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L'eggs everywhere at the Moulin Rouge Party of the year

Not in the early XX th century but in the early XXI st, ...not in the red district but in the golden triangle of Barcelona, ...not in El Molino but in Doble the new happening downstairs club in the Eixample, not with the riff raft Parisienne crowd but with la creme de la creme Barcelonitte Carmen chose a fab theme, the perfect look and a wonderful crowd to[...]

Double pleasure at ¨Doble¨ Creative dishes & Live Music in BCN

Everything tastes good at the new downstairs floor of L'eggs: ¨Doble¨, the exquisite finger foods by celebrity chef Paco Perez, the decor by Toni Espuch of Azul Tierra ...and the ambiance created by good friends partying at the rhythm of Jungla, Khaoula Bouchkhi or Danny the Lip among the live bands I have had the chance to enjoy since it opened mid S[...]

This is not a Party said the exclusive invitation to Doble Barcelona

But it was and it always is Claudia Vilallonga and Monica Fernandez from Genuinus turn Doble the downstairs club of L'eggs into an original soiree This is not a Party, was a party after al. Bravo, the formula worked, la creme de la creme, great food by Paco Perez, a ¨beachy¨ fashion show, magic tricks and tarot readings by expert Anna Chakras ahh and [...]