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Tiara Sporting Crown yourself

Tiara Floral Crowns the ultimate accessory Ready to blossom your leftover tan and grow a few centimeters instantly? Crown yourself. Wear flats and add that extra height with the new tiara floral crowns, the latest obsession. Why leave it to the Queens, princesses or brides? I’ve spotted the popular style at weddings, like my cousins pre weddi[...]

The new blonde Frida Kahlo

I first met Amaia de Lecea when I lived in New York, she was visiting from Barcelona with the design team from Massimo Dutti (Inditex,) besides fashion we found lots of common passions, among them- her husband, my high school platonic love. But she was blonde and I was not! My friend Amaia is not only beautiful inside out but is one of the Top window di[...]