Tiara Floral Crowns the ultimate accessory

Jess+and+JoannaReady to blossom your leftover tan and grow a few centimeters instantly?

Crown yourself. Wear flats and add that extra height with the new tiara floral crowns, the latest obsession.


Why leave it to the Queens, princesses or brides?

I’ve spotted the popular style at weddings, like my cousins pre wedding party in Barcelona, at nightclubs in Ibiza, cabarets in New York at festivals in Costa Brava, seen them worn by my favorite bloggers, instagrammers, snapchatters, pinteresters…

Finally convinced this head topper trend will continue rocking all the way through Fall.

Think Frida Kahlo


Shame I’m too tall to wear it

…But I hunted them for you.

Here are some links that will lead you to the Crown

Lito y Lola

Carmen Font

On Top Barcelona

even at Party Fiesta

if you can tune them into the right look for you

Check out some of these gorgeous creations.  I’m sure will inspire you through a festival fall and beyond!


….and here is a way to DIY :

Take your wire and wrap it around your head to establish the size for your tiara crown.

Once you’ve measured your head, take some greenery and leaves to wrap around the base of the wire to cover up any wire that’s showing. Hold it close to the wire of the crown and slowly start to wrap.

Once you have all the green set up, you can start to get creative by adding more flowers. Attaching the flowers is just as easy as attaching the greenery at the beginning—you just want to wrap tightly with your green wire to secure it in place.

You don’t have to go the whole way around the crown with the flowers. You can leaving some of it just green and having more of a statement at the front with the flowers.





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