Warhol’s factory is recreated in Barcelona for the LOOP festival, presenting a fun recompilation of the pop artist’s relationship with music …even more extensive than is generally believed thanks to Javier Panera.

Under the title ¨Silver Songs¨ over 200 works are collected in different media, from  covers, photographs to video clips: one for The Cars and from Curiosity Killed The Cat.

You can enjoy the exhibition showcased in aluminium foil walls,  just like the factory in NY …different crowd though…until June 18th, 2017 at Can Trinket, the coolest space in Hospitalet, the Brooklyn of Barcelona. 

¨Silver songs¨ shows Warhol´s designs for multiple genres, from pop to soul to jazz, between 1949 And 1987. There’s creativity beyond the legendary banana from ‘The Velvet & Underground & Nico’ or the ‘Sticky Fingers’ from the Rolling Stones.

…..now i miss you  tu ru turu turururu

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