Sunny Sunday. Everyone’s at the beach and you want to treat yourself to an exclusive Brunch in the hottest, sorry coolest, place in Barcelona.

… away from the crowds.

So after visiting Weegee’s exhibition at the new Fundacio Foto Colectania and walking through the polished up  streets of Borne, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice Hotel Brunch. We thought of Cecconis but The Wittmore Hotel seemed like the most  privileged place to go.

To our surprise it was quiet yet so welcoming that we chose to enjoy it’s privacy.

Shortly after we ordered our craved Tagliatta,  we overheard the ambiance  was at the rooftop, where mexican tapas and cocktails are being served all day, every day.

There was so much catch up that by the time we made it to the top everyone was gone…

…gone to the beach

Mesmerized by the impecable yellow stripes, the views and the blue sky  we immersed in the landscape and posed in every sofa, chaise lounge and 360 degree views. Here’s proof of the moment.

and then we thought of everyone by the beach,

with an impeccable cocktail at reach




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