AVAILABLE SECRET, yet unavailable words to describe the magical synergy created among a very interesting group of friends who signed up to the workshop I organized in Barcelona for the sake of inspiring, moving,  sharing what I love – Art in any form!

My first Art speaker was Enrique Baeza

Unique, Incomparable,  a one of a kind experience that unites the power of language, art, telepathy, numbers, beliefs, energy …wow….mind blowing!

…and they all dared to play along an unforgettable experience based on Enrique Baeza’s extra sensorial talents to create their own portraits with words.

Now we are all bonded with inspiration forever!

Through his worldwide famous word portraits, Enrique Baeza can gain a more profound understanding of people after a few exchanges of surprising questions than what most persons experience with long-term partners or relatives. Unbelievable!  more here

Find out what Miami Herald and other publications say about Baeza’s genuine way to mix  propaganda, poetry, street art and television to deliver the best portraits of todays society.

Now…what’s next ?… Who will surpass the artist’s talents?

…and the exclusive guests magical energy and beautiful smiles?

Thank you all!!


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