How do you relate to the green business community in Barcelona?

A step easier than bicing and cheaper than a cab! That’s Yugo, the new sparkling clinique eco green electric scooters that are scattered all over Barcelona. A fun, stylish, silent eco-tech ride ( max 50 km/h)  that allows you ¨tugo¨anywhere while gossiping through  traffic, arrive to glamfully your destination  and drop off anywhere!. You go girl!.. all with a one click access application (or two clicks?), your key is your smartphone.

The inn way to  get to openings,  concerts, night clubs, …and if you drink you can always return by cab!…that’s fashionista!

and how does it work?

You download application here then spot the nearest to you, reserve it, and enjoy it anywhere in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

There is a trial period, and then a monthly subscription charge (basically to cover maintenance so that they are always charged and close to you) by my area there are many. There is also a 0,19 charge per minute. They offer 2 helmets and a case to lock them. you can learn and try yugo for free, your chance i you don’t scoot!.


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